joeywatchI`d like to thank everyone who has supported me from the beginning on my old websites( and aswell as my old YT Channel JoeyB613, feel so blessed to have connected with so many great people over the years that I`ve been doing this! In over 100 countries on every continent of the planet, 7,000+ subscribers and 3 million views are all things that made me realize how …important the work is that God has called me and many others to do in these times reaching the entire world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (Mark 16:15) God Bless you all for your faithful support in so many ways!
I am blessed to serve such an amazing almighty God and all the Glory is his! I have taken a while off to stregthen my walk with God and center everything I`m doing around his word and will! In the time away I have been baptized, and have been shown the direction I am to go in and thats why I have created a new YT channel(, FB page( Twitter Account ( and New Website ( Many big things coming for the Glory of God, and it will all kick off in the new year! Joey The Watchman will be covering everything happening around the world in regards to Bible Prophecy, in-depth Bible Study and Teachings, as well as a new weekly podcast every Friday Night, and much much more!
So I would just like to thank all of my brothers and sisters for being a part of this with me as we allow God to work in our lives and through us to stregthen the Body and shine Christ`s light of truth to a fallen world engulfed in darkness.  May all of you experience Blessings in all of your lives through this holiday season and into the new year and beyond! Much Love and Blessings to All in the name of the Almighty, most High God and divine son Yeshua Ha`Mashiach(Jesus Christ)! Sincerely, Joey B (Joey The Watchman)


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