La. Sink Hole/Gulf Update: Nov. 13/2012



La. Sink Hole/Gulf Update: Methane pressure build up, and Unknown substance leaking in Gulf

La. Sink Hole/Gulf Oil Update: Nov. 6/2012

La. sink hole update: Nov. 2/2012 (Massive Expansion Confirmed and Flammable Tap Water)

La. Sink Hole/Gulf Oil Update: Oct. 31/2012

La. Sink Hole/Gulf Oil Update: Oct. 30/2012

La. Sink Hole Update: Oct. 26/2012

La. sink hole update: Oct. 24/2012 (officials worried “other” sink holes may appear)

La. Sink Hole/Gulf Update: Oct. 20/2012

La. sink hole/Gulf Update: Oil/Gas/methane deposits/radioactive material/ fracking/ Explosions/ HR6566

my other recent reports:
Assumption Parish Sink Hole Report: (NorthComm and “mission assumption”) False Flag to Justify war and achieve depopulation?
Louisianna sink hole now associated with 28 bubbling sites and more BP oil leaking in the Gulf
UPDATE: Gas below Assumption Parish sink hole could explode as Pressure builds and millions of pounds of bombs on gulf sea floor?
Assumption Parish Sink Hole Update: Oct. 10/2012(Gas bubbling and white foam 50 miles away @ Lake Peigneur)
Assumption Parish Sink Hole/Gulf Update: Oct. 15/2012
Assumption Parish Sink Hole/Gulf Update: Oct. 16/2012 (Explosion in La. and Oil leaking from Sea Floor in Gulf)
Assumption Parish Sink Hole: Emergency Declared due to incidents which occurred “or threaten to occur imminently”


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  1. gloriajeannie says:

    hi joey thank God for your information the local newscast morons don’t report anything on this dangerous situation to the average public we live near the gulf on small town area in dunedin florida. please show us video on the newest sinkhole developement i think it was in oklahome and is it true they want the united states to split apart GOD forbid it isn’tgoing to happen what i think is it will cause flooding and the sea levels to rise anyplace it can go too me looks like they want another panama canal here what do you think?

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