The FDA Doesn’t Even TEST the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods

By Washington’s Blog

GMO Food Producers “Voluntarily Consult”, But There Is NO Real Safety Testing

Many people assume that the Food and Drug Administration tests genetically engineered foods for safety.

But as USA Today reports:

Q: Does the FDA test these foods before they’re allowed on the market?

A: No. Instead there is a voluntary consultation process. Genetically engineered foods are overseen by the FDA, but there is no approval process. Foods are presumed to be safe unless the FDA has evidence to the contrary, Jaffe says. The FDA “has to show that there may be a problem with the food, as opposed to the company needing to prove it’s safe to FDA’s satisfaction before it can get on the market,” he says.

Given that genetically engineered foods have been linked to obesity, cancer, liver failure, infertility and all sorts of other diseases (brief videos here and here), the burden should be on the Monsanto and the other gmo producers to prove it’s safe.

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