Stop Believing The Myths About Cholesterol


Most of us believe that to lose weight we should avoid cholesterol in food. But is that healthy for the body? Is there really any such thing as bad cholesterol?

We strongly believe that egg is bad for health and increases cholesterol levels, but is it? Decoding cholesterol is important in this day and age when information can be misconstrued. We reveal cholesterol myths that are outdated and should not be followed.

Cholesterol is bad for health:

Cholesterol is divided into two parts – bad and good cholesterol. But is there really any such thing as bad cholesterol? Is there any such thing as something bad that is produced by your own body? The so-called “bad cholesterol” — low-density lipoprotein commonly called LDL — is not bad at all.

Steve Riechman, a researcher in the Department of Health and Kinesiology, says the study reveals that LDL is not the evil Darth Vader of health it has been made out to be in recent years and that new attitudes need to be adopted in regards to the substance.

Riechman and colleagues examined 52 adults from ages to 60 to 69 who were in generally good health but not physically active, and none of them were participating in a training program. The study showed that after fairly vigorous workouts, participants who had gained the most muscle mass also had the highest levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, “a very unexpected result and one that surprised us.

“It shows that you do need a certain amount of LDL to gain more muscle mass. There’s no doubt you need both — the LDL and the HDL — and the truth is, it (cholesterol) is all good. You simply can’t remove all the ‘bad’ cholesterol from your body without serious problems occurring.

We do not need cholesterol:

‘Cholesterol produces cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and bile acids that help you to digest fat. Cholesterol also helps in the formation of your memories and is vital for neurological function.’

Cholesterol is an important and essential substance that we need for health at a cellular level. It is most likely that any imbalance in our cholesterol transport system comes down to long-term poor dietary and exercise habits. Ensuring that we consume some extra anti-oxidant foods, along with including niacin rich foods, might well be of benefit. But it is perhaps most important to recognize that deliberate and continued levels of activity and the consumption of a healthful diet is a better solution than questionable quick-fix drugs.

Eggs are rich in cholesterol:

Eggs are a good source for protein and unsaturated fats. Consuming a single egg won’t kill you. But it is true that eggs contain cholesterol, a small portion of which enters your bloodstream. However, dietary cholesterol from healthy foods that do not contain bad fats will not harm you. Most people can eat whole eggs every day.

Avoid cholesterol in your diet to stay healthy:

Do you reduce cholesterol if the doctor has recommended it? Chances are you should reduce harmful dietary habits and increase exercise instead of focusing on just your cholesterol. Do not opt for cholesterol reducing pills which will never guarantee good health.

Mae Chan holds degrees in both physiology and nutritional sciences. She is also blogger and and technology enthusiast with a passion for disseminating information about health.


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