Russia to end 20-year-old nuclear deal with U.S.

A Russian nuclear submarine

Russia says it will not accept an offer by the United States to extend a 20-year-old nuclear deal without a major overhaul. 


(PressTV) “American partners know that their proposal doesn’t correspond to our ideas about what forms and what foundation we need to develop further co-operation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

“For that, we need, in particular, a different and more modern legal framework.”

Under the 1992 deal, which expires in 2013, Washington provided billions of dollars in equipment and know-how to help Russia and its ex-Soviet neighbors deal with the Soviet nuclear legacy.

The program provided reinforced rail cars to carry nuclear warheads, high-tech security systems for storage sites and helped pay for the dismantling of mothballed nuclear submarines and other weapons.

According to the Washington Post, the program “has ensured the shipment of nuclear weapons out of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, deactivated more than 7,600 nuclear warheads, destroyed 902 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 33 submarines and secured 24 nuclear weapons storage sites.”

Last month, Moscow ordered the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which has offices in more than 100 countries, to close its aid mission in Russia.

The Russian government said the United States had been using its aid mission in Moscow to “influence Russian politics and presidential elections.”

YH/HSNALSO SEE: Russia to end to secure soviet nukes


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