Thrive Movement EXPOSED !!! New Age Illuminati Propaganda !!!

Aquarius – The Age Of Evil (Full Movie)

New Dawn magazine – More Propaganda to usher in the NWO`s New Age Religion (one world religion)

*AGE OF DECEIT* (FULL) Fallen Angels and the New World Order

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  1. The Thrive movie quickly revealed itself to me to be an instrument of deceit. I spent 18 years in New Age before running back to my Christian roots and being born again.

  2. Y’know, Mario: sometimes you come off sounding a bit crazy, but I know that what you’re saying here is 100% true. Sad, but true.

    Keep up the good fight brothers!

  3. The Truth Speaker says:

    look i praise you for doing what you can to expose the curruption but your not helping the cause by putting down your commrads in the war the ideals for energy and what not have been arround sence before christain beliefs. no doubt the NWO has a hand in the info that goes to us they wouldnt be very smart if they didnt such as “The Illumimatti card game” serously if you buy into that stuff your not very smart there going to play games with us making us look wrong when we think somethings gonna happen like the 2012 olympics they made us think something was gonna happen there so now all those people we told something would happen we are now the boy who called wolf. try not to give the sheeple any more reason to deny the truth

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