Sea Level Continues Inexorable Decline! Want to Comment Al Gore?

Ice Age Now

The two-year-long decline is continuing at a rate of 5mm per year

“The latest sea level numbers are out,” says Steven Goddard on “Envisat* shows that the two year long decline is continuing, at a rate of 5mm per year.”

“No doubt Al Gore will pass this good news on to all his viewers,” laughs Goddard

What Al probably won’t tell them, is that this decline is a continuation of the sea-level decline that began in 2010. (See )

Where is the water going?

It’s being locked up on land as snow and ice. Look at the record snowfall throughout the Western United States this past winter. That’s how ice ages begin. If that sort of snowfall persists, sea levels will continue falling and won’t begin rising again until the end of the next ice age.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA) website, Envisat is the largest Earth Observation spacecraft ever built. Launched in 2002, it carries ten sophisticated optical and radar instruments to provide continuous observation and monitoring of the Earth’s land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps. Envisat data collectively provide a wealth of information on the workings of the Earth system, including insights into factors contributing to climate change.


Envisat numbers here:

See also, Sea levels dropped in 2010



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  1. Just saying says:

    Check latest results on the GULF STREAM movement, that could/ should be why

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