It’s Time to Step up the war against the Mainstream Media Lies and Propaganda


by Joey Bellmore

Dear Exalted Truth  Readers, Listeners and Subscribers,

Mainstream media fictionional lies and propaganda has reached new heights of epic proporations.

Public opinion is duped into endorsing the repeal of civil liberties in the name of “national security” as well as the conduct of “humanitarian wars” with a view to promoting “democracy” and achieving a lasting “World peace”.

In a recent article, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky stated “Without media disinformation and war propaganda, which offensively pervade the global news chain, the legitimacy of the US-UN-NATO military agenda would collapse like a deck of cards. Despite relentless efforts by the independent alternative media to convey unbiased analysis and honest news reporting, the outright lies and fabrications of the mainstream media continue to thrive.”

The Exalted Truth, together with other alternative media sources, has sought Truth in Media with a vision of “EXPOSING” the agenda behind the corporate machine`s disinformation crusade.

To reverse the tide, we call upon our readers to participate in an important endeavor.

The Exalted Truth  has thousands of “unique visitors” a day and is still in its birth stages as the site was only launched in February 2012. We are in over 100 countries and currently viewed in every continent on the planet!

We are currently in the process of implementing major improvements in the very near future, however, these improvements will only be possible with the help and support of “Truth Nation”, The Exalted Truth readers, listeners and subscribers from abroad. The improvements will include new, high tech equipment for live broadcasts, the making of documentaries, and much more.

Our objective is to grow “Truth Nation” into a global force of people from all over the world(Nations United by Truth) and thats why we call upon our subscribers to support the distribution of Exalted Truth Material.

 Do not send us money. Under Plan A below, we call upon our readers, listeners, and subscribers to donate 5 minutes a day to The Exalted truth.

PLAN A: Donate 5 minutes a day to The Exalted Truth

Step Number One

Establish an email list of some friends and family, or use your existing email list.

Forward your favorite Exalted Truth videos and articles to this list on a daily basis, with a personal message to your friends.

Make sure that the title and url hyperlink address of the article appear together with the entire text of the article.

In your personal message to your friends, kindly ask them to forward the article to their own family and friends email list as well as post the article on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Encourage your friends in your personal note to subscribe to our website and become a Member of Truth Nation, as well as, like our new facebook page.

Ask your friends through their email lists to ask their friends to contact their friends, and so on.

If this procedure is carried out effectively, Exalted Truth articles will reach thousands of additional readers, contributing thereby to challenging the mainstream media consensus.

Five minutes a day. Thats all it takes to be an active part of the “Truth Nation team”, we are all in this together and must stand united in Truth!


Step Number Two


Use the various instruments of online posting and social media creatively to “spread the word”.


Click the “like” and “share” buttons on our articles’ pages for starters. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are also many other avenues.


Post one or more Exalted Truth articles on internet discussion groups and forums daily.


Post your opinion on mainstream media comments sections (e.g. BBC, CNN, Washington Post), with the title and hyperlink to the original ExaltedTruth article. This is an effective way of expressing your viewpoint, challenging mainstream news reports as well as promoting Exalted Truth articles.


Cross-post Exalted Truth articles on blog sites, alternative media sites, etc. Send/submit the article to the consideration of internet news and blog sites.


Send Exalted Truth articles to local news media (both online and print), including community newspapers, local news outlets, student news on university and college campuses, etc.

The Exalted Truth would like to Thank you in advance for your support and endorsement.

PLAN B: Consider Making a Donation and/or subscribing to The Exalted Truth website and e-mail alerts, or like our facebook page.

The Exalted Truth operates on a shoestring budget. We are fortunate to count on regular contributors a number of prominent and committed writers, researchers, and various external sources who volunteer their time and articles.

Commitment to truth and honest reporting is the driving force. A lot of work has gone into writing, researching and editing, with a view to reaching the masses.

In an era of media distortion, our emphasis has been on the “unspoken truth”. To maintain our independence, we do not seek foundation funding and elite philanthropic sponsorship, which invariably contribute to setting limits on the scope and focus of media reporting.

We therefore largely rely on contributions from our readers, listeners, and subscribers.

Please consider making a donation and/or becoming a subscriber to The Exalted Truth website, or e-mail alerts, as well as liking our recently created facebook page. Any donation amount large or small will contribute to the broad objective of Truth in Media. By donating as little as even $1.00 can help The Exalted Truth grow and improve! We are committed to improvement and the movement will ony get better from here on out! Be a part of Truth Nation Today!



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  1. MmmHMMMmmm I really do go along with everything you have stated and as a matter of simple fact, My spouse and i learned a few things through reading this article.

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