The Two Witnesses Of End Time Bible Prophecy!

The two witnesses are two of God’s prophets who are seen in a vision by John of Patmos, who appear during the Second woe in the Book of Revelation 11:1-14.

John is told that the court of God’s temple would be trampled on by the nations for 42 months. During that period for 1,260 days (or 42 months,
or 3½ years), two witnesses would be granted authority to prophesy. They are described as two olive trees and two lampstands who stand before the Lord of the earth. They are able to devour their enemies with fire that flows out of their mouths. They also have power over the sky and waters, and are able to strike the earth with plague. After their testimony, the Beast overcomes the two witnesses and kills them. For three and a half days, the people of the earth celebrate the death of the two witnesses who have tormented them for three and a half years. Then God resurrects the two witnesses. This strikes fear on everyone witnessing their revival and the two witnesses ascend to heaven. In the next hour, a great earthquake occurs and kills 7000 people, destroying a tenth of the city.

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