PROOF Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Denzel Washington and Oprah are Demon Possessed

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  1. Many people today have a completely distorted view of what “demonic posession” really is. They tend to think of Hollywood-type of possessions. The spectacular onces with spinning heads etc. But demonic posession is far more subtile than that. It is what happens when a human is allowing him of herself to be taken over by the powers/forces i.e. ‘demons’ of this world.

    It is true that most artists know this process very well. Although many of them would not consider it to be ‘demonic’. They refer to this state of conciousness with terms like ‘being in the flow’, or ‘being in touch with their muse/spirit/guide’ etc. In the old days, people that excelled in the arts where referred to as ‘geniuses’. They were said to be possessed by a ‘genie’, a spirit of some kind that was the casue of their specific talent.

    It always involves ’emtying’ themselves so that something else can take over. It is also identical to what happens when people practise eastern meditation. They ’empty’ themselves so that the emptyness can being filled with whatever ‘spirit’ will manifest itself. People should know: This is never God or the ‘Holy Spirit’!

    The same kind of ‘demonic posession’ is going on under the guise of ‘christianity’ aswell. If you are one of those christians that likes to ‘worship’ in the modern type of ‘worship’- services: The ones where everybody get in a trance like state, arms raised in the air, eyes closed, while the band plays their favourite kind of ‘christian’ songs, changes are: you are actually doing the exact same thing as those ‘demonic posessed’ hollywood actors! During these kinds of services, an atmosphere is purposely being created that invites you to ‘give yourselve over’, to ’emty’ yourself and to fill yourself with ‘Jesus’ of the ‘Holy Spirit’. Well, guess what? You are not being filled with ‘the Holy Spirit’ or ‘Jesus’, but are being misled.

    Many, many Christians are being deceived in this manner today. While they think they are ‘Spirit-filled’, they are actually openinging themselves up to demonic posession that gives them a surrogate ‘feeling’ of ‘being in the faith’. It is also much like an addiction. Because when the feeling wears off, they need to come back for more. This is a sure sign that these things are not of God!

    Through Scripture we are being warned to test ourselves, whether we are in THE Faith. And to test the spirits, wheter they are of God or not. Many won’t head these warnings because they mistakenly think they are ‘in the faith’. These people have not seriously considered that satan is still posing as an angel of Light! Many mistake ‘religious feelings’ with faith.

    Real faith is about deeply knowing God. It is a certainty that does not originate from our normal state of being. We cannot generate faith. It is a gift of God to be received, recognised and to be acted upon. Although faith is not about us feeling good, good feelings can and should spring forth from it. But too many people have turned this around. They think that they can come to the faith through spiritual of religious feelings. It is a sure path to deception!

    Jesus warned us not to be deceived. Don’t fall for ‘good emotions’. Seek God untill you know that you know Him. Through the preaching and hearing of the Gospel and the saving faith of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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