Homeland Security Issuing It`s Own DMCA Takedowns on YouTube To Stifle Freedom of Speech

By Joey Bellmore

Above is a screenshot from an anonymous YouTube user who`s account was terminated by the United States Department of Homeland Security after expressing their right to freedom of speech on a political topic.

In an act that comes as no surprise to those who`ve been keeping informed on the ever accellerating integration of the militarized police state specifically in the United States, The Department of Homeland Security has begun to suppress the right to freedom of speech for online activists and average people voicing their opinion.  Being a YouTube user myself who uploads videos regularly on various topics including politically opinionated material, I can say that I`ve had some videos taken down only to win the disputes through the fair use act, but have never had anything taken down by homeland security.  Although, I have posted an abundant amount of material in regards to the legislation that has been introduced to restrict freedom of speech online, such as SOPA, PIPA ect.. and have shown how “The Powers that Be” are motioning towards making Evironmentalists, anti-war activists, political activists, Christians especially and others out to be “terrorists” and “threats to national security”. Now, when you think about other legislation like the Patriot Act and NDAA which enables the Government to basically imprison anyone they deem a threat without charge or trial, without due process and hall them away for indefinite detention, you can see how the ground work has been layed to eliminate those who oppose the “agenda” of “The Powers that be”, even if they are not a REAL threat. The fact that they may pose a threat to “the powers that be” by exposing their tyrannical agenda to further oppress and undermine the rights of the people is enough to have them implement these draconian legislations and power trip by “shutting up” those who know better, those who know the TRUTH and may decide to expose them for the greedy, evil, oppressors they are. Why is it that the U.S. Justice Department Wants To Criminalize Uploading You Tube Videos?

Shouldn`t The Department of Homeland security(DHS) have more important things to focus on and worry about other than their own citizens who are actually for the betterment of humanity and the planet? why on earth are they fixated on attacking the rights to freedom of speech of plain Joe blow youtubers? Is there something they don`t want people to know?

Below I will share some links to articles that pertain to the legislation undermining the rights to freedom of speech online that I`ve touched on previously:

Big brother now spies on journalists, keeps records of online activity

US: Reid Sneaks SOPA Back Into Senate With New Name

New Bill In Congress Could Turn Alternative Media Outlets and YouTube Singers Into Felons

Congressional anti-piracy bill a Trojan horse to censor, kill the internet

Love Liberty? You Might be a Terrorist

Murder of Environmentalists is on the rise: US Muffling Opposition Voice by Secretly Liquidating Dissidents: Analyst

POLICE STATE USA: Explaining to a 5-Year Old Why the Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil

ATTENTION PREPPERS – Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist



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