Earth Changes Report: August 1/2012



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  2. Aloha Joey!

    Great report, you always do a thorough job of covering the earth changes rapidly unfolding. Like you, I’ve been following these changes since 2007 and see we’re heading toward a climax at some point in the not too distant future. I’ve been reblogging your reports for most of the year and have an audience of over 3000 readers a day at 2012 The Awakening. This is the first time I’m going to have to put a “if you can get past the preaching” disclaimer because most of my readers are highly spiritual, but they aren’t christian evangelists. As a matter of fact, those teachings are offensive because most of us see how religion has indoctrinated people to go along with the system that’s destroying the world.

    We follow a much higher line of consciousness than fear based religions. Red Ice Creations just did an outstanding interview with Joseph Farrell on the Two Faces of Yahweh that I wish everyone still caught up in tales of the bible would listen to. Also has great discussions on the Demiurge and the problem with the Archonic presence. Check out Geophysicist Susan Joy Rennisons video “Secrets NASA doesn’t want you to know” to get a better understanding of why these earth changes are taking place from a cosmological perspective. She also did a great interview that’s on my site based on space weather phenomenon that NO ONE is talking about or paying heed to in the scientific community.

    The Earth is a conscious being, we live in the consciousness of the Divine Mother/Father so we’re not separate from what’s happening with the world and can have a great impact when we go within to Source God than looking toward the bible or a preacher…both of which are part of a long standing mind control program that keeps people separte from each other, from teh earth and from their own self empowerment. When you come to the knowing that you are the embodiment of the Creator, which is the original teachings of Christ…then it gives people more power than the church or state want the people to have.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to go on a rant…love your work, just can you please tame down the preaching. It’s starting to sound fear based, and that’s not your style. Your better than that…

    With all due respect and best wishes,

    • wow, you are horribly misinformed not only on Christianity, but my stance on pretty much everything. lol First off, Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a spiritual relationship with God, Jesus was against religion and thats why he flipped out on the pharisees over their man made paganistic idol worshipping prctices and then the pharisees got the Roman`s (the roman catholic church) to crucify Jesus. To this very day the roman empire continues the deception by trying to merge roman catholic religion with Christianity. I don`t want to type you a book, but you should really check out the documentary archives and most importantly the new age deception categories on the website hear. I was into ascension ect.. for a few years before i found the REAL truth, I had thousands of dollars in books and studied all kinds of stuff from consciousness to numerology, sacred geometry ect.. and it goes on and on.. used to follow project camelot, david wilcock,michael tsarion,gregg braden, terrence mckenna ect.. and the “new age” which teaches that we are all one consciousness and will ascend to be Gods is satanic in its origin, and is nothing more than a “sugar coated satanic knock off of christianity”. Thats why it all revolves around occult symbolism, occult numerology, masonic astronomy, sacred geometry ect.. this is all the things that the “illuminati” and the “freemasons” believe and they worship lucifer. don`t be decieved, and make no mistake about it, the “new age” will be the religion of the “new world order” period. If I wasn`t about to pass out and head to bed, I`d post links. but all the info you need is on my site here, and you can also do your own research and you will find out the real truth. also, we here at the exalted truth have an open challenge to debate anyone, anytime on the facts, in a loving respectfull way ofcourse! so if you or anyone you know wants to debate in a live stream, then just let me know or message me on one of the links to my social networking sites on the homeoage of the exalted truth! much love and respect, God Bless,

    • yes, and we are now getting 5,000+ hits a day and have over 5,000 subscribers aswell! so again, I wish you all the best, and like I said nothing but love and respect!

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