World War 3 Scenario Report: July 21/2012–-conventional-or-chemical



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  1. JoeyB:
    I don’t have your email, so I’m using this to get a question to you.
    My wife and I watch you regularly and I have a question:
    What do you know abouit Nibiru? I hear it was discovered by Nasa in 2005 and heading to our planet from the South and therefore will be upon us as a surprise very shortly, say in 120 days or so. The US Gov’t has briefed it’s top level personnel on the urgency and will give them 2 weeks notice when they are to pack 2 bags and leave town, so to speak. I imagine they will be heading to Denver, the alternate DC when the flood begins. This planet, some 4-8 times the size of the earth will jolt it off its axis and cause tremendous world-wide floods.
    See: John Moore, THELIBERTYMAN.COM

    • yes, I have done reports on nibiru! you can search on the exalted truth homepage in the search box at the top right hand corner, just type in Nibiru! and also, feel free to add me on facebook! the link is on the website homepage on the left hand side, just scroll down! best regards, Joe

  2. Awesome job Joey !! As always !! & yes , NIBIRU is getting close … I go to google sky , then down on the bottom left hand side of the screen , I click on features & turn the Infred feature !! Then type Leo into the search bar , & WOW WHAT IS THAT BIG ROCK LOOKING THING , that keeps getting closer & closer every day ? !! Maybe That NIBIRU thing some people talk about !! Thanks again bud !!! DEv

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