Mercury Fillings May Cause Breast Cancer – Toxic Teeth and the Breast Cancer Connection

by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

There is no safe level of mercury. Mercury is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on the planet, yet, according to the EPA, there is currently over 1 ton of mercury from amalgam fillings in the mouths of Americans. Over 67 million Americans exceed the exposure of mercury vapors considered “safe” by the EPA because of the presence of amalgams in their teeth.1
Mercury is treated as a bio-hazardous material in a dental office, but then, the uninformed and unsuspecting patient ends up with a mouth full of amalgam fillings, which are 50% mercury.
With over 32 years in the Wellness Industry and having worked with thousands of very sick patients, I have noticed that there has always been a common denominator – amalgam fillings and root canals. Although the focus for this article is the effect of toxic teeth and the role they play in breast cancer, the principles can be applied to every known disease.
Your teeth are living entities that are intricately connected to your blood stream and lymphatic system. There are miles of microtubules inside each tooth that are connected to the bloodstream. Once the tooth is drilled and the enamel is compromised, any substance placed in that tooth is absorbed directly into the body. Human and animal studies have confirmed the presence of mercury in several organs as a result of amalgam fillings placed in the teeth.
The biohazard effect of the amalgam fillings is increased with the slightest friction on an amalgam filling such as brushing the tooth and chewing warm food. Toxic mercury vapors in the form of methyl mercury are then released and absorbed in the body. The release of these vapors has an estrogen disrupting effect.
Specifically relating to the effect of heavy metals and the effect on breast cancer, several studies suggests that there is a link between accumulation of “transition metals” such as mercury, nickel and cadmium (also known as metalloestrogens) and the malignant growth process of breast cancer. A Canadian research team recently (2011) assessed breast cancer tissue biopsies and discovered a highly significant accumulation of heavy metals in the diseased breast tissues.2
Metals have also been shown to activate specific estrogen receptors and increase breast cancer cell growth and proliferation.
It is obvious that amalgam fillings impact the body from a chemical point of view, but the effect that mercury filings have on the energetic system of the body is also very significant. Your body is electrical in nature and the acupuncture meridian system is one of many systems that acts as a conduit of the CHI or life energy of the body. Each tooth is connected to an organ via the acupuncture meridian system. If there is a hunk of metal in a particular tooth, the effect is like sticking a metal object in an electrical outlet. The metal actually short circuits the meridian and in turn can cause stress and fatigue in that associated organ.
Most integrative practitioners would agree that there is a correlation between a particular diseased organ or illness and amalgam fillings and root canals. Clearly this issue should be addressed if you are a journey of healing your body. It is very important that you consult with a Biological dentist that is associated with professional organizations that support mercury free dentistry.
Understanding the effects of toxic teeth and the burden it creates on the immune system is an essential step in healing and regeneration from breast cancer.


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2 Increased levels of transition metals in breast cancer tissue. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. 2006 Dec ;27 Suppl 1:36-9. PMID: 16804515



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  1. Here are some things to condesir before having an amalgam (silver) filling replaced with a composite (tooth colored) filling:1) you will likely have mild to severe sensitivity afterwards which may last for a few days to a few years;2) composites will wear away quicker than amalgams especially on back teeth;3) expect to have composites on chewing surfaces of back teeth replaced every 5-7 years and each time your tooth is worked on more of it is drilled away;4) cost will be much more expensive to do;5) in CA dentists are required to tell you that composites are potentially carcinogenic so if you think composites are safer than amalgams then think again and6) do you really want to replace an amalgam that could last 30 years or more with one that will only last less than 7 years?The cost will depend on where you live but expect to pay 2-3 times more than what an amalgam would cost.

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