ILLUMICORP – Illuminati Secret Training Video Revealed, The illuminati plan EXPOSED!!!

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  1. Jonathan Goulding says:

    OK i know about the illuminati and there global agenda ive done research on alot of the history and there houses, but the devil stuff is farfetched. i understand that the way they seem to be going about things is wrong, and i agree but stop and think the word new world order the world under one government one flag one currency. People think this is bad i thought this is bad too, but then i started thinking we have all these videos of “ufos” over earth but havent made contact yet or touched down, when they are very well able. These beings are connecting with other planets when were still battling against one another on our planet. We need to evolve and share all our knowladge, instead hiding it from one anothnr, and stop worshiping idols and books re-writen thousands of times. We look so primitave to these other beings. But the only way to travel to other solarsystems or to communicate with interstellar beings we need to come together as one planet. Hell to evolve we need to come together as one planet. People say propaganda is put onto us by the illuminati, but think of the propaganda sold right back. One is no more right than the other. Maybe im sayin what they want, maybe im following there global agenda, maybe there wrong, maybe there right, maybe we all have it wrong, but just think if were still countries fighting countries, and there are beings who are more than likely workin as one planet flying above us, not saying hello because believe you me if they wanted to destroy us they would have. It just shows that we need to come together as one planet to truely evolve our minds and bodies, if not we will pearish as primative monkies.

    Thank You Joey B for the opportunity to say my words

  2. What I have pieced together about the supposed alien ufos is that they are no more than one of two things: spiritual entities or technology being kept from us by the illuminati. Although, I wouldn’t be too surprised that an ancient highly capable and isolated civilization may have far surpassed our own present technology a long time ago. And I believe Atlantis was this civilization, and would likely be connected to the illuminati (their origins perhaps). How did the illuminati obtain such knowledge to build such complex technology? Supposedly, through the use of rituals where they summon demonic beings that also by their very nature wish to harm all of humankind, and so they give them the knowledge openly. Of course, such a ritual requires extensive knowledge to do properly, but then again the illuminati has been around for a very long time and must have a lot of experience with this. An example of this knowledge which they share which we know of is actually ancient geometry. You would be surpised by how much geometry itself or moreover mathematics can tell us about our universe. What did it tell the illuminati? Simple, how to build the pyramids with extreme precision, or how to build the many other complex structures out there. Do the research and you will find some amazing structures, some of which would need todays technology or greater to even build in the first place.

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