Earth Changes Report: July 5/2012



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  1. joey, I find it upsetting that you rant about global warming being natural. I believe that global warming is happening to other planets too and has very little to do with the stuff al gore is saying. there is proof of this, of course. but you have no proof that we are not in big trouble with global warming, whatever its cause. as you rightly point out, fracking and the destruction of the planet with nuclear power and deep sea drilling are disastrous for the planet. but as I see it, there is every reason to freak out about global warming but not much we can do about it, since it is happening to our whole solar system.

    • Greetings Liz, sorry if my ranting offends you. just stating my opinion. and yes, I do agree that there is reason to be upset about the happenings in regards to climate change ect.. like I said not trying to upset anyone, just putting the truth as I see it out there. But hey, doesn`t mean that I`m %100 right on it all. But they do infact manipulate historical data to promote their agenda and use it as a tool! Much love and Blessings, Joe 🙂

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