Woman shocks doctors by using superfoods like turmeric to treat cancer – and lives!

by: Willow Tohi, NaturalNews

Maybe you’ve seen those commercials where a doctor is working on a construction  crew, then it shows the construction worker in the pharmacy looking for the  right medicine, telling you not to do your doctor’s job because you wouldn’t  want him doing yours. It’s quite a ridiculous analogy really, insinuating that  there’s a similarity in a doctor running a jack hammer, and you taking care of  your own body, like that’s someone else’s job. No one else can maintain your  body or has to live with the consequences of how you do so, but you.  Duh.
In a similar tone, there was recently a story out of England about a  woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had the traditional treatments, but  then declined the follow-up pharmaceuticals in favor of managing her health with  nutrition. There seems to be genuine surprise at her success. Which is….  surprising. What’s the big shocker? There are numerous books, stories and  websites out there documenting the success of “alternative” treatments to  cancer. Before the age of Big Pharma, “alternative” treatments such as through  diet, exercise, and supplementation, werethe cancer treatments, and  there was less cancer then too.

To fight it, you have to understand it

For anyone who wants to  understand how cancer works, there is a wealth of information out there that  explains the causes, lifestyle factors, percentages, etc. Cancer lives in an  acidic, anaerobic environment. So, it stands to reason that a strict vegan diet  of organic fruits and vegetables, a good portion of them raw, would correct that  environment. It swings the pH back to neutral or even alkaline, it oxygenates  the blood, and it provides the body with the resources it needs to fight the  fight itself.
Many sources site animal protein as a culprit. It’s more  all mainstream food because of the toxic way it is processed and preserved.  Xenoestrogens from chemicals used on non-organic plants are just as involved in  ill health as hormone laden animal products. When ill, detoxing with an organic  vegan diet containing lots of superfoods is the best place to start – you need  lots of extra ORACs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. Take therapeutic doses of  things like vitamin D, coq10, garlic, vitamin C. A balanced diet of all organic  food is fine for maintaining health.
There’s no way for any of us to  completely avoid the DNA damage that leads to abnormal cells. The Cancer Society  says that 50 percent of American men and 33 percent of American women will  develop some form of cancer in their lives. Causes are not just from poor diet,  smoking or alcohol, lack of exercise, and environmental pollution. It can also  come from genetics, viruses, and exposure to chemicals from a variety of places.  The best we can do is to take care of our bodies in a way that limits the number  of cells damaged and the severity of the damage so that our bodies can keep up  with destroying the abnormal cells and maintaining cellular equilibrium.

What is surprising…

We can’t separate what we eat from our health.  It’s not surprising that a good diet begets good health. What is surprising is  that modern medical practitioners don’t address that angle more often, though  they are doing so more and more recently. What is surprising is that nutrition  is not always taught in medical school. How can that be? Would you take your car  to a mechanic that doesn’t understand the fuel system? Don’t you expect your  children’s teachers to be educated in education?
Something else that is  surprising is that using diet and ancient treatments is called “alternative”  even though there is a longer history of using acupuncture or eating garlic,  turmeric, and antioxidant-rich foods than the radical, barbaric modern  treatments of radical mastectomies and hysterectomies. What is shocking is that  we’re hardly counseled in nutrition, but fully expected to take extremely  poisonous pharmaceuticals that are often more deadly than the original  illness.
We are sharing the planet with seven billion other souls now,  with more coming daily. The world is increasingly toxic and having good health  is becoming more of a decision than luck. Even some of us that exercise and eat  well will become sick. Good food can only increase our chances of survival, let  alone quality of life.
What is further surprising is why the English  woman didn’t change her diet sooner. She may have saved her breasts and a lot of  headaches.

Sources for this article include:
Balch, Phyllis, CNC. Prescription for Nutritional Healing. p. 246-253.

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