Two terror suspects arrested in London and Al-Qaeda terror suspect caught at Olympic Park


London: Two Muslim converts have been arrested in London on suspicion of terror offenses, a British security official said today, although it remains unclear whether the men were arrested as part of an alleged plot.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity he was not authorised to discuss the matter publicly, said he didn’t know whether the arrests were related to the upcoming Olympic Games.

Security is tight ahead of the London games, which begin on 27th July.

Intelligence officials say there has been an expected increase in chatter among extremist groups but there are still no specific or credible threats. The terror level is labelled substantial, a notch below severe and what it has been for much of the past decade. A substantial threat level indicates that an attack is a strong possibility.

This week European security officials told AP that they were tracking a Norwegian Muslim convert who had gone to Yemen for training and had since become “operational.”

London’s Metropolitan Police Service did not immediately return calls seeking comment on the arrests.


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  1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Yeah…. This one sure seems pretty flimsy, doesn’t it? So far all I’ve been able to glean re: specifics is that the two individuals were acting “suspicious” near where the canoe races will be held, and that they later went canoing themselves. Yep, they MUST be plotting an attack….(?)

    Oh, and I love how you always hear that there has been a marked increase in “terrorist chatter”. Like, what is that actually supposed to mean? If the security folks are truly listening in on peolpe who are actual terrorists, and truly “chattering” about what they might be about to do, then how come they can’t trace their location and get those “bad guys”? It’s one of those things that has been regurgitated in the media so much that nobody seems to even think about it anymore… “Chatter”… Cracks me up.

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