The Five Best Summertime Detox Beverages

by: PF Louis


Summertime and the living is easy, except it gets hot. Some places get really  hot but not so humid, others get hot and humid. Either way, it’s a time for  refreshing cool or cold drinks. It’s possible to boost your health, detoxify,  and alkalize while drinking a refreshing beverage.
Here are five tips for  refreshing healthy summer time beverages:
(1) You can have a cooling mint drink to replace the classic alcohol spiked mint julep. This recipe  combines mint with cumin powder to offer antiseptic, cleansing, and  detoxification qualities. The mint is good for digestion, nausea, and morning  sickness.
Gather up 1.5 cups of fresh organic or home grown mint leaves  and rinse them off. Place them into a blender with one-half cup of purified  water. Add one teaspoon of cumin powder and a half teaspoon of Indian or  Hawaiian black salt, which you may have to obtain from a specialty store. Add  three to four teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.
Turn the blender on and  blend into a paste. Take the paste and mix it with water at a one-to-three  ratio, or one-fourth paste to three-fourths water. Add raw sugar, Stevia, or  honey according to your sweet tooth. Strain if necessary and chill or add ice  cubes.
(2) Try a watermelon-cucumber smoothie. Concerned about the  aluminum residue from chemtrails or from any history of vaccinations? Maybe  you’re concerned about Alzheimer’s because of too many “senior  moments.”
Cucumbers are very high in silica, and silica is a great  aluminum detox agent. Aluminum toxicity is associated with neurological  disorders and Alzheimer’s. (
Silica  is great for building bones and connective tissue also. Watermelon is much more  than pink water. It’s a very nutritious refreshing summer time food. (
So  simply combine them. One cucumber sliced or diced and added to a three-fourths  watermelon filled blender, blended then chilled is a delicious, nutritious  summer detox. Organic cucumbers don’t need to be peeled; conventional cucumbers  should be peeled.
(3) Some things never change. Lemonade has been  a summer drink for ages. Lemon water helps detoxify the liver and stimulate  digestion. One difference now is to hold the sugar or artificial sweetener and  use Stevia or raw honey to sweeten. Honey should be mixed in before the lemon  water is chilled.
The other new wrinkle is organic. Use organic lemons or  limes. The suggested ratio is one-half lemon or lime to a tall glass of water.  But nothing says you can’t up that ratio with more lemon or lime.
(4) A  chilled ginger drink both cools your summer heat and internal  inflammation while aiding in detoxification and digestion. Ginger tea is a  staple of Ayurvedic medicine.
If you buy non-organic ginger, peel it  first, and then slice as thinly as possible to create a half inch thick cover at  the bottom of a pan for boiling. Fill the pan, boil then simmer for 20 to 30  minutes. Cover and let it steep for as long as possible.
Then pour the  tea through a strainer, add honey or Stevia and fresh lemon or lime juice. Chill  or add ice and enjoy.
(5) Cold lemongrass tea is a refreshing  antioxidant and antifungal beverage. It also has anti-cancer cell properties.  Lemongrass also helps keep those summer time mosquitoes away.
Buy  lemongrass stalks from stores that sell Thai or Vietnamese foods. Trim two or  three stalks of their tops and roots, leaving around six inches of stem. Peel  off the outer skin and chop into course pieces.
Prepare in a fashion  similar to the ginger drink in (4) above.
Sources for this article  include:



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