World War 3 Scenario Report: June 25/2012

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  1. Joey, I love everything you have to say…except what you have to say about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Or maybe it is what you don’t say. So I really hope you will take the time to investigate the truth about the atrocities Israel has been committing against the Palestinian people since 1947, when early Zionist militias like the Irgun, raided countless Palestinian villages, executing many innocent men, women and children, and driving the rest into desert (725,000 of them) with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their backs. David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister at the time, openly admitted in his diary how happy he was to see the progress in ethnic cleansing that his vicious militias were carrying out against the Arabs from whom he vowed to steal all the land.

    Joey, it is troubling to me that you see the psychopathy apparent in so many of our current world leaders, and yet you appear to exempt the warmongering, racist, Apartheid-promoting Benjamin Netanyahu, who is THE instigator of wars against Iran and Syria, the one who is pulling the US government’s puppet strings, along with AIPAC, and demanding impudently that its demands are met, or else it would declare the entire US anti-Semitic.

    That’s a trick they play on the world. If anyone dares speak against the Israeli government, Israelis cry anti-Semitism, aka racism, so as to remind us in such a manner as to guilt us into remembering the suffering the Jews experienced at the hands of Hitler. But since when is having concerns about the way a country is oppressing and persecuting another people equivalent to racism? It isn’t. Yet Israel uses this tactic without fail, and thus they are able to silence the vast majority of those who dare to question Israel’s infinite crimes against humanity. So I suggest you investigate how many times Israel has been sanctioned by the UN for such crimes. The UN may be inept when it comes to taking action, but it confronts Israel head-on when it comes to their ongoing criminal treatment of Palestinians.

    Besides, when a country of vast military might, a country which has built a 28 ft. plus tall wall around Gaza, dividing Palestinian children from their schools, adults from their jobs, preventing neighbors, friends and families from even seeing each other. This wall is guarded by Israelis at checkpoints who have been known to detain even pregnant Palestinian women, and every year, a number of these women and/or their infants literally die at those checkpoints because of the ruthlessness of the Israeli guards. Did you know the Berlin Wall was less than 12 ft. tall? What is Israel but an Apartheid state? Did you know Israel has Israeli-only buses, trains and roads? Doesn’t this sound like the pre-Civil Rights South? Did you know Israel has an infinite number of bomb shelters? Guess how many Gazans have? NONE. And what would you do if your people, your loved ones, your neighbors were being slaughtered daily, subject to terrifying middle-of-the-night raids by the Israeli military, sudden F-16 bomb strikes that leave women and children incinerated and blown into chunks. What if this had been happening to your people since 1947? What if your neighboring country disallowed you to have an adequate supply of potable water, sufficient food, heating fuel, livestock, medical supplies, medicines, functioning sewage systems, and building supplies? What if you were not allowed to fish where fish still swim because Israel claims to own those waters? What if your fisherman spouse were shot in the head for daring to venture into these waters simply in desperation to feed his family? This happens in Gaza. What if your beloved, sacred cemeteries were vandalized, demolished, disinterred by Israel for the purpose of building a “Museum of Tolerance” and a shopping mall? It is happening. Israel even removes the bones of the deceased and transports them to garbage dumps. This is the Ma’man Allah cemetery, and it is at least 700 years old, although it may date back to the time of Mohammed himself. When was the last time a Palestinian committed this crime against an Israeli cemetery. NEVER. When was the last time Palestinians arrested, tortured and indefinitely detained CHILDREN as young as eight years old? NEVER. Yet the Israeli army does this to Palestinian children daily. When was the last time a country that routinely brutalizes children in this manner got to call themselves a democracy? NEVER. When was the last time Palestinians dropped incendiary White Phosphorus from helicopters onto innocent Israelis? NEVER. Yet during Operation Cast Lead Israel did this to Palestinian women and children shamelessly. What’s worse is that they lodged this attack against a declared shelter, a UN school which was clearly marked, and for which Israel had been given precise coordinates. Have you seen what White Phosphorus does to the human body, Joey? It burns through skin and bone, for as long as it has access to oxygen! It is an agonizing death, or an excruciating life for those who survive it.

    Oh, and when was the last time Palestinians uprooted and torched an entire Israeli olive orchard which was a family’s sole sustenance and income? Never. Yet extremist racist Israeli settlers make this a regular practice, even beating up aged Palestinian farmers, and taunting and throwing rocks at Palestinian children on their way to school, even dousing those schools in excrement. Yes. It has happened. When was the last time a Palestinian bulldozed and demolished an Israeli home? Never. Oh and the extremist settler nut-bags teach their young children to hate Palestinians and they teach them how to use machine guns. And their extremist rabbis believe it is acceptable for Jews to kill even Gentile babies. And that Gentiles were put on Earth in human form so that Jews did not have to be served by cattle. So when was the last time a Palestinian child was taught to use a machine gun against Israelis? NEVER.

    If you lived in the world’s largest open-air prison, Joey, wouldn’t you be angry? If you’d watched most of your family be blown into bloody chunks by an Israeli strike, wouldn’t you want to retaliate? If you saw this madness repeated for years on end, and not even one country came to your defense, wouldn’t you feel desperate? If your babies were buried or burned alive or shot in the head by the Israeli army, and not even an apology was offered, and no one in the world even cared about your loss, wouldn’t you think about fighting back? Amazingly enough, it is only ever a handful of young Palestinian men who do fight back. Palestinian is now experiencing an awakening of non-violent resistance. Did you know this? And yet still, just for marching peacefully holding a Palestinian flag, Palestinian villagers and international supporters are faced with rubber bullets and tear gas weekly. Even farmers attempting to harvest their crops on their land are fired at by Israel. Is this not insanely provocative? Does Israel just get to keep killing without being held accountable?

    Gaza is one of the most densely packed areas on Earth (because that is all Israel will allow them to live on) and yet Israel treats Gaza like a war zone, a battlefield. It is not a war zone. It is home to densely packed forcibly impoverished families. The Laws of War clearly state that actions like Israel’s are not permitted in civilian areas. But Israel carries on at will. And why? Because of the world community’s collective guilt about the Jewish holocaust? But what about other Holocausts? Why is it we as a society forget these holocausts and only remember the Jewish one? And why does a history of suffering allow for the formerly persecuted to continue to persecute others? Seriously, Zionist Israelis are no different than Hitler’s army. The “Master Race” lives on in the Zionists and anyone with an open heart can see this.

    Here are a few videos that support what I am saying to you. These are just a few. There are so many more. I recommend you read, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by notable Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, a man who dares to shatter the Zionist lies and speak the truth about the crimes against humanity Israel perpetrated against Palestinians from Israel’s very inception.

    Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer on the fascism of Israel:

    Israel arrests children (at least they didn’t break this boy’s legs and force him to walk on them as they did in the recent past to another boy)

    Israel bulldozes 1,000+ year old Palestinian cemetery:

    The racist hatred of Settler Zionists against indigenous Palestinian peoples:

    Scenes from Israeli massacre of Gaza:

    White Phosphorus burns: (Caution: Highly graphic…)

    Look up ‘Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions’ as well, and also the Shiministim, a group of Israeli teenage conscientious objectors who refuse to participate in an army that occupies, oppresses and murders an innocent people. The organization ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ is also an excellent example of those who know the truth. And Rabbi Weiss, of the True Torah Jews, speaks out against Israel’s unconscionable cruelty towards Palestinians as well.

    I apologize for the length of these comments Joey, but this issue is so very important. Westerners are too often blind to a persisting suffering that were it to occur in any other region in the world would be openly declared to be the product of decades-long war crimes. Thank you so much for reading this. Again, you ROCK, I listen to all that you report and am grateful you do what you do. I only ask if you might consider revisioning your opinion herein. Thank you. ~ Hillary Hays

    • your not listening then, because I`ve said several time sthat Israel is terrible and Netanyahu is an evil, evil man. Israel has turned their back on God and they even have a satanic star on their flag to prove it!

  2. Youre right!|

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