Five health steps the system does NOT want you to take

by: Scott Morefield, NaturalNews

Let’s face it, the system wants you sick. They build giant hospitals, develop  expensive pharmaceuticals, and design equipment small governments couldn’t  afford, all so they can rake in the life savings of hapless victi, er, people  who find themselves at the mercy of Big Medical after making poor health choices  their entire lives, albeit often choices they were told were good. By the time  they are lying in a hospital bed with cancer at 60, waiting for another round of  expensive, destructive chemotherapy, they have no idea what, or who, caused it,  or what they could have done to perhaps avoid being sick in the first  place.
In truth, there are no magic bullets, no guarantees against the  big C and other dreaded diseases. We are exposed to so many toxins daily that  the fact we’re even alive is a testimony to the awesome disease-fighting  capabilities of the human body. However, there are steps everyone can take to  mitigate and even eliminate some of the toxins that make it so difficult for the  body’s immune system to do its job properly.
Diet and exercise are about  the only things major media outlets seem to focus on, and those are certainly  important. But when most people that think of ‘diet’ think of things like  drinking diet soda instead of regular and eating aspartame laced yogurt for  dessert instead of cheesecake, it’s abundantly clear that society has a clear  misunderstanding of the right things to consume and avoid in order to achieve  optimal health. So, go ahead, peel apart the layers of deception and begin your  journey down the rabbit hole. What you will find could quite literally save your  life.

Five basic health-steps the system does NOT want you to take

1.) Vaccines – Whether or not there is good science behind the concept of  introducing small amounts of pathogens to build immunity to the ‘real thing’ is,  sadly, really a moot point considering the toxic adjuvants and preservatives  that come with vaccines. Without even covering the allergic reactions and  immediate long and short-term side effects many experience, is the cumulative  buildup of mercury, aluminum, and a host of other trouble-makers in the body  really worth potentially avoiding a few mostly non-lethal childhood  diseases?
2.) Supplements – Not your typical WalMart synthetic  brand, but routine, organic, plant-based supplements are a huge key to replacing  the nutrients that even the most health-conscious of us miss out on simply  because the food we grow today is lacking so many nutrients. The body uses these  nutrients to fight off disease, naturally. So give it what it needs!
3.) Water filtration – Fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, lead, and even chemical  and pharmaceutical runoffs are just a few of the things our bodies would really  rather do without. Do your research, invest in a high quality water filter, and  give your body the water it needs minus the toxins.
4.) Label  awareness – HFCS, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, partially-hydrogenated – these  are some of the things an informed label reader will look for and avoid like the  plagues they are.
5.) GMOs – Potentially the most important  non-nuclear threat of our time, GMOs could mean the end of the food supply as we  know it. Currently there are no labeling laws, so one must buy USDA Organic to  avoid GMO. It may be more expensive but, as Joel Salatin so aptly put it, “If  you think organic foods are expensive, have you priced cancer  lately?”
Note: All of these steps center around what we choose to allow  into our bodies. If we make the right choices, we stand a better chance of  allowing our immune systems to eliminate the toxins we unavoidably encounter  every day, a better chance of not becoming just another Big Medical  statistic!
Sources for this article include:
About the  author: Scott is a blogger, writer, and researcher whose primary focus is  how to raise healthy kids despite a system and status quo that makes it as  difficult as possible. He and his wife, Kim, live in the hills of east Tennessee  with their four small children. He holds an MBA from East Tennessee State  University. Scott and Kim blog about parenting, marriage, healthy lifestyle,  nutrition, and homesteading at



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