Earth Changes Report: June 5/2012

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  1. Haahaahaaa!! I like what you said about the church! Thanks for the reports 🙂

  2. I couldnt help but wonder why youvpcallebpd the church ” satanic worshiping church” after you played he church sink hole clip. Thought it was rude

    • roman catholic is not christianity! and sunday worship is false teaching. saturday is the sabbath! its all explained in the bible prophecy section of the site! its the truth, and most are decieved from it by the false doctrines of the roman empire who crucified Jesus and implemented paganistic practices and idol worshipping in their attempt to merge thier man made doctrine with Christianity!

  3. Aren’t you claiming to be Christian??? Why would you call other hristians satanic?

  4. Sorry Christians

  5. When did hey say they were catholic? Was it in there ANd i just missed it?


    why when the radiated water is still pouring into the pacific ocean did the graphic just stop pouring out red “goo” and went blue. if the accident were over I could see that being the case, however, it is still pouring tons of radiation into the ocean every day for over a year. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS?????

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