World War 3 Scenario Report: June 5/2012

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  1. TwinFlamefly says:

    the houla massacres have an international eye witness, and it is not the syrian army it was the “peacefull protester” aka “rebels” better known now as the terrorists… there was some videos on it, or google “houla massacre eyewitness”

  2. Isaiah 7:14 and Isaiah 8:8

  3. donnie cornett says:

    my name is Donnie Cornett and im former military i love your comments and i beleave most of what u say but u have no idea until u have been there you talk a lot of crap about the us military but i can promise u that no soldier has done anything without being told to do so by there higher ups anyway the reason u can write and comment about the things u do is because of our military can u imagine if we had said fuck it we r not going to get involved with world war 2 how different would things be???????

    • Thanks for the comment. and yes, I agree with what you say! and also, I know that most people who join the forces are good people who join for the right reasons not knowing the “behind the scenes” agenda that they are a pawn to. God bless all of them and I have nothing but love and respect for their courage!

  4. I always follow a mantra myself, love the troops, but hate the war itself. And of coarse take the steps to prevent it.<_<

  5. If you’re rdeanig this, you’re all set, pardner!

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