Cannibalistic attacks in USA, Canada and Europe – Warning from CDC and Historical Review of London Zombie Invasion of 1599

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story from 2009

The Zombie Invasion of 1599,1518,604548,00.html

man made virus?



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  1. Kristie says:

    is this what happened to that guy that made all the big deal about the Kony 2012,, they found him naked in the street completely whacked out of his mind

  2. Great reporting ! Thanks for sharing. God bless….Tec

  3. Kristie says:

    my son says to check out Big Lurch, I guess he ate some lady or something like that, before he made a song with MacDre

  4. Chih Shun says:

    Well, I really not sure what’s going over there. Some of you think that is zombie virus, others might think this guy crazy or have some drug effect. The way I see it, it might look like a virus that cause him to be like a zombie, but my conclusion after listening and watching the videos, I 100% believe that this guy was infected by Rabies..

  5. What can I say, but WOW??!!!!It took a bit of effort on my part to put my conllotrer down for a while to visit this site and offer my 2 cents worth of praise.To tell you the truth, I feel a bit guilty paying only $1 (80 MS points) for this gem considering I’m having more fun with this title than many others I’ve paid 60X more for.Just a little breakdown:Concept: Unique, addictive and FUN!!!!! Not really football, but certainly has the spirit. Fast, furious & brutal! Gotta LOVE IT! (5/5)Controls: Simple and easily learned in a matter of minutes. Very responsive which is critical for such a fast-paced action game. (5/5)Graphics: Each character, each frame of animation is a true work of art. The hand-drawn graphic style is truely a sweet, tasty piece of eye candy. I can only guess that perhaps Dan Paladin’s( Behemoth) art style may have offered a bit a inspiration to the incredible art work?? The backgrounds are quite detailed, perhaps a bit too well done creating a bit of contrast to the background and characters. This does allow one to keep focus on the characters and action. The backgrounds work well, adding environment, however contrasting with the characters to allow more focus on gameplay. (4/5)Music: Very fitting. Nothing goes better with creating carnage than some sweet METAL riffs!LOVE IT! (5/5)Sound FX: An explosion of fitting sounds that gratify the ears without being too overwhelming. (4/5)ONLINE: I absolutely LOVE the way your world ranking is displayed in real-time on the screen as you play. This is a feature SO RARELY seen in games, and is A GREAT motivator for the player.Single player is great fun, however multiplayer Co-Op via XBOX Live?? How awesome would that be?!? (4/5)Overall: I give a solid, and well deserved 5/5 stars. Out of the huge mass of indie games created and offered on XBOX Live, this one stands tall and high atop the masses.Ideas: I’m not a game developer by any means and don’t really know if this would really work. However, my idea would be to add goal markers on each side of the playfield. This could add a secondary goal to the player. Not only surviving and creating carnage, but having to run back and forth to cross the goals, perhaps creating score bonuses for each successful crossing. Basically adding an extra aspect of football to the game.Just an idea from your average gamer Final Note: My sincerest thanks to Alejandro and Miguel for sharing your incredible talent and creativity with the world. You’ve got a new fan!XBOX Live gamertag: schizKidd


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